ONLINE TRAINING: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in charity governance (3 x 0.5 days)

  • Half day
  • Online
  • Leadership
  • Governance and trustees
The Social Justice Collective, hosted by NCVO, who are members of the Charity Governance Code steering group, have created a new training programme to help you understand, address and embed equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) into your governance practice. This training will take place over three half days and you need to attend all sessions of the same course.
There is no one complete set of agreed definitions for terms like equality, diversity and inclusion. Your organisation may want to develop definitions relevant to your context and activities. Please see our Knowhow pages for commonly used definitions and tips. 

Dates and timings

This training will take place on Zoom and over three half days (09.30 -12.30) and you need to attend all sessions of the same course. We will send out the Zoom link with the joining instructions before the first session. All sessions will include real life examples, practical tools, and opportunities to practice challenging conversations. There will be space to reflect on this work between sessions with the wider board.

May course
Session 1: Embedding EDI in your governance practice | Wednesday 25 May (09.30 until 12.30)
Session 2: Unpacking key EDI concepts  | Wednesday 15 June (09.30 until 12.30)
Session 3: Setting commitments towards EDI good governance  | Wednesday 29 June (09.30 until 12.30)

September course

Session 1: Embedding EDI in your governance practice
| Wednesday 21 September  (09.30 until 12.30)
Session 2: Unpacking key EDI concepts  | Tuesday 11 October (09.30 until 12.30)
Session 3: Setting commitments towards EDI good governance  | Wednesday 2 November (09.30 until 12.30)


By the end of the course, you will have:

  • explored the implementation of the Charity Governance Code principle on EDI
  • explored the EDI role of the board and how to assess systems and culture 
  • discussed key EDI concepts
  • increased understanding of why good governance requires great EDI
  • started setting commitments towards EDI approach to good governance


Pari Dhillon (she/her) is the Founder and Director of the Social Justice Collective. After 20+ years of leading charities and developing innovative approaches to organisational change that centre social justice, she is bringing together experts who design social justice led interventions for equity and inclusion at every organisational level. Pari's clients have included major change making organisations such as; Liberty, Stonewall, Girl Guiding UK, the National Union of Students, and membership bodies such as; Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations and the Charity Governance Code.
Known widely for her impactful approach rooting interventions in each organisation’s responsibility and potential for advancing social justice, Pari enables every leader and team to map out their own journey towards change and envisage their potential impact at a personal, interpersonal, workforce, and societal level. Her starting point is that every individual, group, and organisation has the potential to create social justice within their sphere of influence. Pari supports people to understand, achieve, and often go beyond their own potential to create change. 
Chaka L. Bachmann (she/her) is a Partner Consultant at Social Justice Collective. She is Director and Founder of Impact Culture, a company that achieves sustainable cultural change through an evidence-led approach, providing clients with nuanced insights into their current EDI challenges and opportunities, which informs the development of contextualised and effective solutions. Chaka is an experienced equity and inclusion expert and social justice researcher, that has led large scale state-of-the-nation mixed method research projects and provided full cycle EDI programmes to a range of clients including Girlguiding, Young Women’s Trust, Citizens Advice, and MSF UK. She currently continues her interest in research by pursuing a PhD in Business Management looking at how multi-national companies contextualise Global LGBT EDI practices in adverse local environments. 

As an intersectional activist, Chaka has been passionate about social justice and community creation from a young age. Identifying as a queer Femme, that grew up in a dual heritage home, has shaped Chaka's approach to activism which is built on empathy and accountability. Through this, Chaka facilitates spaces that encourage participants to reflect and engage in the change they want to see, focusing on unpacking dynamics of privilege and power and creating new places of belonging.  
NCVO has worked closely with the Social Justice Collective on our EDI journey. Like many voluntary organisations, we continue to learn and challenge ourselves to embed equity, diversity and inclusion in our everyday practice and behaviours. Find out more on this by reading a blog about NCVO’s own journey on equity, diversity and inclusion.


Trustees and those involved with boards and governance, who want to improve their approach to EDI in the governance of their organisation.

We also have an eLearning course on the roles and duties of trustees which you can complete at your own pace, at a time that suits you.

"The sessions were very informative and helped breakdown some challenging aspects of charity governance. The sessions worked through how to implement EDI into the organisation and how to create a working policy and meaningful changes."

"I feel a lot more confident leading and guiding our leaders and colleagues through this journey. I have a much better idea and understanding of what this means, specifically for our organisation and how to tailor approaches accordingly."


Email the training team or call 020 7520 2587 with any questions or queries you may have on our training courses.


NCVO member £350.00
Non NCVO member £455.00