NCVO Webinar: How to support staff and volunteer wellbeing while working remotely

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The covid-19 pandemic prompted more remote and flexible working practices in charities and voluntary organisations. In this free webinar, a panel of experts will share ways to support staff and volunteer wellbeing alongside remote working. This webinar is being held in partnership with our Trusted Supplier HSF health plan.
Date: Wednesday 11 May 2022     
Time: 10.30–11.45


The covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, as well as the widespread introduction of more remote and flexible working in charities and voluntary organisations. While flexible working is reported to have had a positive impact on wellbeing in the workplace, more remote working has presented organisations with wellbeing challenges, including:
  • digital presenteeism
  • isolation from colleagues
  • difficulties in ensuring workers have a safe working environment.
As part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, to help organisations address these challenges, we’re bringing together a panel of experts to help you:
  • understand how organisational culture can support wellbeing alongside remote working
  • recognise digital presenteeism and how you can address it
  • consider policies and procedures that support staff wellbeing and promote a safe working environment.

During this webinar you'll be signposted to useful tools and resources and get the chance to hear from other charities about their experiences.

This session will take place on Zoom. We'll send out the joining instructions before the session.


  • Sarah Vibert, CEO, NCVO
  • Peter Reeve, Head of HR, Motor Neurone Disease Association 
  • Satnam Sagoo, Associate Chief People Officer, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust 
  • Laura Willis, Co-founder, Shine Offline 
  • Adrian Button, Head of Sales and Marketing, HSF health plan (NCVO Trusted Supplier)
  • Corinne Curtis, Head of Third Sector, WorkNest (NCVO Trusted Supplier) 


10.30–10.40: Welcome and introductions 
10.40–11.10: Panel discussion 
11.10–11.35: Question and answer session
11.35–11.45: Final reflections and close 


This webinar is being hosted by NCVO. 


Senior leaders and managers of charities and voluntary organisations.


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This webinar is being held in partnership with our Trusted Supplier HSF health plan. HSF health plan is the trading company of the charity The Hospital Saturday Fund. Its policies help to cover the cost of everyday health care expenses like dental fees, sight tests, glasses and contact lenses. There's also a GP advice line, virtual doctor, counselling service and HSF Perkbox which enables policyholders to save money on shopping, dining out and cinema tickets. For more information, visit the HSF health plan website.


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